8 Sept 2021

[Published] Ryan Li Equality Campaign


What does EQUALITY mean to you and Why is it important?

LUCY YUN a.k.a. BEYUNIQUE: Growing up in a homogeneous country where my race is dominantly in the majority, it allowed me to look at everyone as equal. However, I did manage to find the language system still stayed rigid and militarian, heavily relying on agism. As a young adult, I was pretty adamant to seek something even more liberating for my soul. When I first came to Canada, I felt this huge relief because English was built relatively equally, free from the age-based hierarchy. I was fascinated by how I can become friends transcending age, race, gender, status and nationality. 

Last August marked my 10th year immi-versary. When I look back at my journey of life as a first-generation immigrant, I couldn’t be prouder of the trajectory. I have immersed myself completely into the Canadian culture, living to the fullest whilst dedicating myself 100% in the fashion industry for the last decade. During that time, I learned the art of marketing, visual merchandising to department management, which now are delicately woven like a fine fabric into even more creative work such as art direction and design. Every time I am on set, I am reminded how lucky and fortunate I am to be in this beautiful, collaborative yet equal place that allows me to be who I am, which is a perfect place to practice with my motto of life, to BE YUNIQUE.

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