5 Jul 2020

[Packaging Design] For Anh and Chi with Love
Anh and Chi is a beloved Vietnamese restaurant based on a hustle-bustle Mt. Pleasant neighbourhood in Vancouver, BC. Translated as brother and sister in Vietnamese, Vincent (Ahn) and Amelie (Chi) Nguyên have refurbished once-known as Phở Hoàng into an award-winning, vibrant and cultured hub in 2016 which became an instant classic to many Vancouverites. 

Vincent and Amélie's parents, Lý & Hoàng Nguyên, arrived in Canada as post-war refugees, known as “boat people” from Vietnam. With holding great responsibility to provide for their young three children and carrying deep nostalgia for what they left behind back in mother country, they started making Phở out of their newfound home in Vancouver. Soon after, friends and neighbours started to come by. So they began a small pop up shop, which ended up evolving into an iconic noodle shop on Main Street in 1983. 

For 33 years, they operated Phở Hoàng Vietnamese Restaurant, the first and longest standing Phở speciality house in the city. In 2016, Vincent and Amélie took the family business over and turned it into a sophisticated, hip yet unpretentious local hotspot, Anh and Chi. While still staying true to the same core values to be family-oriented, inclusive and community-driven just as their parents’ Phở shop, it has, slowly but surely, changed Vancouver’s stereotypical Vietnamese food dining scene with their authentic yet modern flair.

Co-founder of Anh and Chi, Amélie Nguyên has reached out to me when the Canadian government announced its border closure due to Covid-19. Emergency aid bill had passed, 14-day quarantine for arrivals to Canada was made mandatory... During this unprecedented time being, Amélie and I worked closely together to make one of her dreams come true: creating the restaurant's signature fish, soy and peanut sauces. 

Based on the current Anh and Chi aesthetics, I’ve developed and introduced a secondary colour scheme and typefaces for the brand. One of concepts I proposed to them was to highlight their beautiful, heartwarming family story into the packaging. Upon the client’s approval to go with the concept, the project grew even bigger than just sauce bottles. So, I ended up designing their first-ever DIY meal kit recipe cards as well as on-brand tissue papers.

Here, I am proudly showcasing the full packaging projects including the Me (Mom)'s Chilli Fish Sauce, Sweet Soy Sauce, Artisan Peanut Sauce (which are killer sauces which every household must have in my humble, non-biased opinion), recipe cards for the care packages. It has been my utmost pleasure working with one of my favourite restaurants in Vancouver, and I am happy to continuously offer my services to the client of a dream. 

Photography: Issha Marie
Graphic Design & Art Direction: BEYUNIQUE



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