27 Sept 2018

[Transitioning...] At Chilliwack Sunflower Festival
It's more than a year since I contributed something on my blog. So many things have happened in the last year or so. I took a gap year after quitting a job, travelled to Japan, and spent quality time with my best friends in Korea. By doing so, I was able to come back to Vancouver with fresh mind, positively charged and motivated self, ready to take on the next chapter. One thing I was clear about was that I no longer wanted to work in fashion industry. Having spent a decade in the industry was so toxic to me, since I had to work with a lot of catty, dramatic and jealous people who are full of themselves and their egos. I also sick and tired of all the consumeristic trends too. 

So I decided to move on and start looking around for other options. One option that jumped out and grabbed my attention was going to school to learn Graphic Design, which is something I've always yearned to learn but hesitated for some reason. I also looked into a Master's program; Masters of Digital Media which was affiliated with SFU, UBC and Emily Carr. The program looked intriguing but I just couldn't justify the ROI of $44,000 from something that I've been doing for a while. I wanted to learn something from practical, gain some tangible skills that I could utilize for launching my business of my own. One day, I finally took a courageous step, made an appointment with school advisor. Before I knew it, I was signing the paper to enrol at the school.

The school has started last month, and so far it is going well. I self taught how to use Photoshop in grade 6, but I am pleasantly surprised how learning step by step in depth from school is allowing me so much to design images from my head to create physical output. It feels like I am on the right track. I am definitely looking forward to learning more, absorbing new skills and applying them with my knowledge to create something aesthetically beautiful and pleasing.

Another focus I've been working on is to collaborate and create visually interesting, eye-catching photography. I always have taken my Instagram as a visual resume, but never taken into a consideration of "curating the feed" to have it please other people. Until this day, it truly is a visual expression to me. But over the years, I became bored of Instagram. I wasn't inspired by people on my feed as much as before. I am assuming my feed probably appealed the same to other people. 

So lately, I've been collaborating with talented photographers in the city: experimenting different styles of photography, using unusual objects, trying different poses, and even using Photoshop. I've always liked collaborating with people but it has become a real joy since I took more creative art direction with like-minded people. Like somebody said, "true passion is when you do something even when you are not getting paid to do it." I am truly enjoying the whole process from choosing a location, styling, conceptualizing to executing the shoot. It's so much fun! 

Dress by Alex. S. Yu

So here, I am sharing the few photos from Chilliwack Sunflower Festival with a very talented photographer, Fritz. I chose the location because I thought it would be fun to be out in the field. Although it was challenging to change into 3 different outfits as it was pretty muddy, but I am stoked with the result Fritzy and I have created together. What do you think of these images? Feel free to leave a comment to share your stories and opinions. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Xx, Lucy



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