25 May 2017

[Publication] My Contribution to The Kit & Compact Magazine

I was very fortunate to be a part of the Kit and Compact Magazine, Toronto-based publication which is freely distributed in newspapers bi-weekly as well as monthly magazine. After a lengthy exchange of emails and conference call, I was put in duty of covering all the cool things in Vancouver, from local designers to how I would spend my ideal day in the city. 

For this holiday issue, I was given a task to describe my dream date in Vancouver. Of course, I had to include my favourite coffee shop, as well as the best local micro-brewery and newly opened Vietnamese restaurant.

10:30am Breakfast and Coffee at Le Marché St. George: My dream day would start off of having a cup of latte with almond croissant on a vintage silver plate at Le Marché St. George (4393 St. George St.), which is my favourite cafe in the world.

11:30am After fueling up, I would hit up the seawall on my bike. Vancouver is such a bike-friendly city with great infrastructure for cyclists. I’d ride around and discover hidden gems in the city.

12:30pm Then I’ll “have to” stop by UYU Ice Cream (433 Abbott St.) for some earl grey soft serve. ‘Cause I totally deserve to treat myself after a “work out.” 
1:30pm Now that my sweet tooth is satisfied, I will be off to shopping. The first stop? Old Faithful Shop (320 W. Cordova St.)! It’s a general store in old heritage building in Gastown that carries very well-curated collections of artisanal items and books.
3:00pm After shopping, I would meet up with my friend(s) for beer and light bites. Happy hour is my favourite time to drink! With my buddy @tannerloveschips at La Mezcaleria (68 E Cordova St.) in Gastown.
4:30pm It’s time to ride back home! However, my dream day is not over yet; I would be definitely dropping by at 33 Acres Brewing Company (15 W. 8th Ave.) to grab six pack of 33 Acres of Life just because Vancouver has such great scene of craft beer breweries to pass up on my dreamy date.
5:00pm I’d have to take a quick shower to get my sweat off, then would pop an icy-cold bottle of beer open to quench my thirst at home. Drinking as soaking in this beautiful view of Vancouver is one of my favourite activities to do in the city!
6:30pm It’s been quite a day! To finish it off, I would go for dinner with my love at Anh and Chi (3388 Main St.) which is a family-run Vietnamese restaurant that is newly renovated. They’ve got great food, ambience and service… A perfect little neighbourhood gem to finish my day!


Luckily, I also had a chance to pay a visit to the Kit Compact Magazine's office while I was in Toronto, where I met the loveliest Editor-in-Chief, Laura deCarufel, as well as all the editors who were very sweet and welcoming. The coolest thing about the visit was that I'd got to see a glimpse of this page "Local Hero" in the works, which was from a photo shoot I did with Kenzo for H&M collection taken by a talented fashion photographer from Vancouver, Benjamin Kwan.


Middle Sister Boutique (2137 W. 4th Ave.) is filled with carefully curated, one-of- a-kind designer collections from Seoul, Montreal and Vancouver.”


Crescent Nail and Spa (1066 W. Broadway) is amazing! It’s managed by a talented mom and daughter duo, Kelly and Jennifer. I’m getting chrome nails done this fall. Trust me, you will be wowed!”


“Hands down: Whiskey Hazelnut by Earnest Ice Cream (3992 Fraser St.). I can finish a pint of it at one sitting while binge watching Netflix.”


Aperture (243 W. Broadway) has such great coffee, brewed with Intelligentsia coffee beans. I rely on the 6-oz. flat white.”


“Katsu Curry at ShuRaku (833 Granville St.) is a Japanese curry rice with panko-crusted deep-fried pork slices on top that comes in a sizzling-hot stone bowl—such comfort food for me!”


Shay (@shaytopaze) at Artel Salon (3588 Fraser St.) is my go-to hairstylist and a creative colour magician! Last time, we did purple roots with pink ombré, which turned out greater than I could have imagined.”

I'd like to thank everyone at the Kit Compact Magazine for giving me these awesome opportunities to contribute to the publication and offering me a chance to work with such an amazing team. It was great to be a part of its publication's expansion phase as representing my favourite city on earth. I am looking forward to more opportunities in the future!



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