4 Feb 2017

[Photo Shoot] Conceptual Portrait with Cody Briggs

"I am bored." 

Boredom is not something I can deal with very well. Fortunately, fashion has been a great career for someone like me. It's almost not made by a conscious choice, but more like the inevitability. You barely are bored working in fashion as it changes all the time. Quite often, it's influenced by what's trending in music, culture and society. The unfortunate thing is that we all have limited resources, which makes all of us subjects to get influenced from the same source and become very unoriginal.

Lately, I took a month break from social media, just for that reason. I noticed that I was trying to "become" like somebody else. I was chasing after "what's trending." I was putting a lot of pressure to follow "rules", which put me in a position to not having fun using social media at all.  I felt bored and uninspired. That's when Cody texted me to go for a photo shoot. It immediately ignited a lightbulb in my brain to start conceptualizing. I wanted something weird, fun and conceptual.

So here, I am sharing a few of the shots we've got from the shoot, which were taken on a mild day in January on Wreck Beach.  I must say that I am very moved by Cody's photographs. I can't stress enough how creative and talented he is. It truly is an honour to work with someone like Cody. He is such an inspiration; I learn a lot from him and I do believe his work needs to be seen and exposed more, which is the reason why I'd like to do an exhibition with these photos. It may be a long progress but I am working on it! I will keep you all posted. In the meantime, please do me a favour and show him some love on his social media and feel free to leave a comment how you feel about these shots. Thanks everyone!

Illusion (2017) All Rights Reserved by Cody Briggs

Hang in There I (2017) All Rights Reserved by Cody Briggs

Falling (2017) All Rights Reserved by Cody Briggs

Reflect (2017) All Rights Reserved by Cody Briggs

Tangled (2017) All Rights Reserved by Cody Briggs



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