8 Dec 2016

[Travel] A Soul-Searching Trip to Halong Bay, Vietnam

[A journey alone to Vietnam]

I have been dying to visit Vietnam for quite some time- I am not sure why exactly. Perhaps, I was compelled by their deliciously comforting food. The must-trip to Korea was coming up, to attend my high school friend Sujin's wedding in our hometown, which I saw as a perfect excuse to finally pay a visit to the very country that I have been longing to go. 

In the meanwhile, I was also in the talk with two of my best friends from Grade 9, Kyoungsun and Bokyoung, about taking a short trip to celebrate our 10th-year-anniversary of backpacking to Europe, as well as 17 years of our friendship. Of course, I was pushing for getting them to come to Vietnam with me, but it wasn't the most convenient location for them. Bokyoung said she wanted to go to the Philippines. Both Kyoungsun and I were okay with it. That's how it all began, now I think about it in retrospect.

I believe that timing is everything; my good friend Yanna invited me to visit her in her hometown, Shanghai, also a talented fashion designer and friend, Alex S. Yu invited me to Taipei. So it all went down, from a direct flight that had booked between Vancouver to Seoul, (intensively) extended to visiting the Philippines, Vietnam, China and Taiwan. 

Now back home in Vancouver, after having had so much fun with Kyoungsun and Bokyoung on the small island, Panglao Island in the Philippines, gone a cruise tour and kayaked in Halong Bay, been to the 2nd tallest building in Shanghai which was Park Hyatt on 91st floor, and had a couple of (very expensive) cocktails, tried some of the most awesome street food in Taipei, and got the bouquet from Sujin at her wedding (umm, what does that mean anyways?).

Trying to pick a favourite thing during the trip is almost impossible, but Halong Bay was definitely one of the most unforgettable and memorable places I've been to in my life. Here, I am sharing some of my favourite shots which aren't as close as the beauty of this magical place. I would strongly recommend you to go. You won't regret it. You have my word.

Starting my day with Vietnamese coffee 

Panoramic view of Halong Bay

View from the mountain top

Sneaking a peek 

Soaking in the view

Went kayaking!

View from my kayak

Market Boat

Wet from kayaking

Oyster farm visit

Some of the amazing seafood on the cruise

Night from the cruise



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