5 Sept 2016

[Interior Design] Gentle Monster Flagship in Seoul
You've probably heard it before, but those of you who haven't read my previous post, I will give you a little bit of my story. I have been wearing glasses since I was in grade 5, mainly because I was jealous of my sister's look. I remember she looked very smart and edgy. So I went to the eye doctor and got my first dorky looking glasses. I was happy, though, as I got what I wanted. Now, glasses have been an inseparable part of my life. Some of my friends are encouraging me to get LASIK done. But you know what? I actually don't mind wearing them because I love eyewear, sunglasses included. 

Back in April, 2o13, I shared the collaboration look book of V+EL x Gentle Monster here: http://www.beyunique.com/2013/04/look-book-vel-x-gentle-monster.html. Gentle Monster is a Korean-eyewear brand that has been phenomenally popular throughout Asia, now in North America as they opened a flagship store in New York last February. When I went to Korea, I had a meeting with a street-style photographer who lives in Seoul and contributes to Vogue Magazine. After a pleasant chat about Seoul fashion, my Seoul searching still continued. I've found a couple of Gentle Monster stores in Seoul, one in Sinsa-doing and the other one in Hongdae. I absolutely fell in love with the flagship store in Sinsa because it's filled with amazingly creative and conceptual art objects, stylish glasses and sunglasses on a beautifully designed 4-story building. Here are some of photos I took from the flagship store.

All photos taken by BEYUNIQUE

Aaaaand, of course, obligatory selfie is a must. FOR YOU <3



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