5 Sept 2016

I can't believe it's September and fall is here already. Although this year's wasn't as good as last year's months-long-beautifully-sunny-summer, I did try to get the most out of it. The highlight of the summer I'd say would be my birthday brunch bash back in July which I planned a month in advance (yes, I can be that planning-freak.) 

It was held in the early morning of July 9th. I took a cab to L'abattoir as it started to rain, then walked by the crazy "crack market" that blocked the entire Carrall Street. When I arrived at the atrium, which is located at the far backside of my favourite restaurant that is an Instagrammers' paradise of #IhaveThisThingWithFloors, I began to see lovely faces that I wanted to see for my birthday. 

Wooden ceiling fixture at the atrium at L'abattoir

Talking with my fashionable guest, Jessica. From left: Tanner, me, Jessica, Stephy and Dorrington

When I compiled a list of people in a month prior to the event, I honestly did not know what to expect. Thankfully, everyone was mingling and chatting. Once relieved, L'abattoir's famous bakery basket was shown by our lovely server.

Buttery-soft, house-made scone with mascarpone cheese and jam

By 11:00am, we were all set for brunching. I ordered a breakfast burger which is one of my favourite brunch dishes at L'abattoir. Poached eggs with smoked pork belly appeared to be the most popular item at the table.

I would like to say thanks for everyone who took time to celebrate my birthday. This event was truly close to my heart, and having you all made it even more memorable and special. I also would like to thank Paul Grunberg, who helped me make this happen smoothly. At last but the least, special thanks to Luis of Whentheyfindus who allowed me to keep this memory forever by capturing the precious event of my life. Thank you. I feel so fortunate to have you all in my life. 

From left to clockwise: Mana, Alison, Issha, Chris, Tanner, Andie, Mindy, me, Stephy, Dorrington, Jessica, Josh and Sarah.

Love you all,




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