2 Jun 2016

[Look Book] CRES. E DIM & DIM. E CRES

I must admit- I have been OBSESSED with this designer brand from Korea: CRES. E DIM. Kim Hongbum, who was a participant of Project Runway Korea in 2009,  launched his collection at Seoul Fashion Week the following year. Since its debut, it has successfully gained its recognition not only from the designer's home base in Seoul, but also in Paris, New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong. The brand name is originated from musical notation, Crescendo E Diminuendo, which is a passage of music that is gradually increasing and decreasing. The reason is because the designer, Hongbum Kim, wants to create dramatic clothes that have clear and dynamic boundaries: simple, structured yet softly detailed. 

DIM. E CRES 2014 A/W LOOK BOOK Photography courtesy of CRES. E DIM

Its brand is divided by two different tiers of collections with a clever word play; CRES. E DIM is much higher-end and luxurious and runway-ready label, on the other hand, DIM. E CRES is more casual, streetwear and funky line. I am equally loving both of the lines because its styling, make-up, creative direction and vision seems clearly on point.

CRES. E DIM 2014 A/W LOOK BOOK Photography courtesy of CRES. E DIM

Fortunately, I was able to attend DIM. E CRES Fall/Winter 2016 presentation last March during Seoul Fashion Week. It was held outside of a place called Common Ground, which they used stacked container boxes as runway. How brilliant! Also, there was a shop of DIM. E CRES which of course I had to drop by. Well, I almost peed on my pants 'cause I was too excited! Haha Just kidding. Ya. Maybe a little. Seriously though, I really wanted EVERYTHING in the store but I managed to score some wicked items such as black wool coat, pink turtleneck sweatshirts, foldable clutch bag, black choker and silver hardware earrings. I did shop till I dropped. ;) I will strongly encourage you to check out their website because every season, they come up with innovative concept and creatively directed look books! Here's the link to the website: http://cresedim.com/. I hope the designer continues to be creating and inspiring the fashion world! Fighting!




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