18 Dec 2015

[Event] Holiday Social Mixer at Fairmont Pacific Rim
I have been wanting to host a small, intimate and private get-together with some of my favourite people I've met through Instagram for a while, and it came true like a dream last night. I was fortunate to be co-hosting the event with the talented and lovely duo @foodgays at Fairmont Pacific Rim. Kerrie from Pacific Rim executed the event even better than I planned; I was blown up with her level of professionalism from planning to execution stage. Not only has she secured the most photogenic seats for the party, but also coordinated jaw-dropping sushi & sashimi platters as well as deadly delicious sake-based cocktails and cheeky coasters for the holidays. I am so happy to see everyone who came and to be able to catch up before the holidays. Here's some of the highlights of the night captured by the talented John Yoo. Enjoy!

Beautiful Fa├žade of Fairmont Pacific Rim

Cheeky Holiday Coasters Prepared by Kerrie from Fairmont Pacific Rim

Tasty Welcome Cocktail!

Meet & Mingle

My lovely co-hosts, @foodgays in action!

Chef Taka bringing his amazing creation to our table

Look at that board! Doesn't everything make your mouth water?

Chef Taka kindly explaining what's on the board

REAL Wasabi!

So happy to see how excited everyone was as they saw the sushi & sashimi board!

Happy Me!

Bird's eye view of that amazing platter!

No Shame climbing up on that chair to get some good #onthetable shots! Haha Look how ecstatic Tanner is! ;)

Love this shot! IGers do the best hand-modelling job! Great work, Stephy!

Three of my favourite people! Mana & Jeremy and Adrian of Foodgays

Look who's here! Dorrington made it all the way to Kelowna! Thanks for joining us! <3 

Collab in progress by Stephy & Dorri!

 Here's some selfies... 'Cause John Yoo's obsessed with it! Haha

With Moi

 Jeremy, John, me and Leila!

Annnnnnd, the night gets even hotter with the new Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau's appearance in the house!

Thank you everyone who came and made my night memorable. It was wonderful seeing you all there, sharing food, drinks and great conversations. Here's a toast to another great year! I wish you all happy holidays! Xo, Lucy



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