30 Jul 2015

[Outfit] Sneak a Peek of A Day In Vancouver
It's been ages since I updated anything on my blog as my life has been crazily busy.  My apologies for the hiatus.  As you probably know, blogging is a time-consuming thing to do.  It almost feels like a full-time job.  When your life goes on, it gets pushed back off of your priority list.  The good news is I have been working and travelling a lot and living the life to the fullest.  Travelling was one thing I missed the most when I was working 60 hours a week, so I feel very fortunate and grateful for having this dreamy summer so far.

I went to Montreal for the first time in my life, followed by another awesome city I've been longing to go: New Orleans. Also, I just got back from an epic road trip starting from Raleigh, North Carolina to New York, which was over 2,000 kilometers in almost three weeks.  As soon as I got back, I was thrown right into the reality, but fully recharged.  I have been having a lot of meetings, answering emails for some amazing opportunities and street style photo shoots.  On this post, you would see a little sneak peek of the latest fashion film project, A Day in Vancouver, with Alger and Vui. Can't wait to show you the finished outcome! Stay tuned for the update!

Hat: Forever 21, Sunglasses from New Orleans, Top and Bracelet: Noul, Bag: Azalea 
from San Francisco, Laptop: HP, Culottes: Topshop and Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell. 

Photographed by Alger Liang

Many thanks to Genevieve of Violet Boutique for allowing us to shoot at her gorgeous store! Until next time, xo. Lucy



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