22 Mar 2015

[Illustration] By Mats Meyer

I am fascinated by how many amazing connections I've made so far through Instagram. The app is not only a great way of getting inspired, but also connecting with people from all over the world! Mats Meyer, who is an amazingly talented illustrator based out of New York, contacted me if I wanted a photo of me illustrated. I answered, "SURE! Why not?!" A few weeks later, he sent me this beautifully curated picture with his illustration of my selfie I posted a while ago: https://instagram.com/p/ylBKoLNF-p/?taken-by=beyunique. I have never been drawn by anyone before in my life, so I feel quite honoured! I am excited to see what sort of future paths I will come across with some talented, artistic and creative people out there on Instagram. Have a look at his Instagram and blog to see his fabulous work of art! 



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