22 Mar 2015

[Collaboration] Kent Street Apparel 'Merde Il Pleut' Umbrella

I had a pleasure collaborating with a local company called 'Kent Street Apparel' which specialized in men's leather satchels and 'Merde Il Pleut' umbrellas. As a person who doesn't know how to speak French other than "Bonjour", I was giggling all over like a little girl in grade 5 just starting to learn new language as I found out that 'Merde Il Pleut' means 'Shit it's raining'. So cheeky and quirky in a way, eh? After a good amount of giggles and figuring out what it meant, I knew I had to find out more about the story behind the brand right away. So, I met up with the owner and operator of the company, Glyn Lewis, who seemed obviously well-knowledgeable about French, over a coffee at the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood where the company is located. He has shown tremendous amount of support in my work which I couldn't turn down the opportunity to help promote and grow its online engagement by creating beautiful images and running a giveaway of its umbrellas. So here are the result. All shots taken by the incredibly talented photographer, Cody Briggs

"I own and operate a small gentleman's apparel company that's 100% online. No brick and mortar store so online engagement is paramount to my growth strategy. I reached out to Lucy Yun through Instagram to help me develop lifestyle photography and build my social media engagement capacity. She helped me with strategy, brand fit, and an execution plan. She listened carefully to my vision and delivered perfectly. Lucy was a real pleasure to collaborate with, delivered on-brand photography, and has been very supportive as our little company grows. If you are focused on building your online engagement through beautiful photography I *highly* recommend Lucy's expertise and services." - Glyn Lewis, Owner of Kent Street Apparel

Many thanks to Glyn for sharing such an amazing statement about my work and special thanks to Cody for all the beautiful photographs! Check out Kent Street ApparelCody's work and find out who the lucky winners are on here.



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