26 Feb 2015

[Review] Holly's Natural Coffee Body Scrub

I received a sweet gift from "Holly's Natural" all the way from Germany where makes body scrub made out of 100% organic Arabica coffee, organic coconut oil, organic almond oil, organic cane sugar and natural finished fine sea salt. I couldn't hold myself any longer to give it a try of this heavenly coconut-scented body scrub. So, I just quickly jumped into my bathtub, applied a gentle amount on my legs and feet and let it soak into my skin for 5 minutes. The result? It exfoliated my skin as giving a really smoothly-soothed feeling with a hint of oiliness. The only problem was the after-use where the oiliness was challenging to get rid of from the tub. Nonetheless, I quite enjoyed scrubbing my body with Holly's Natural. You can see the before-and-after pictures below. Check out their website to read more details about the product: http://www.hollysnatural.com/shop/coconut-crush-body-scrub/.




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