12 Feb 2015

[Photo Shoot] A Sneak Peak of Victorian-Style Conceptual Portrait

Issha Marie quickly has become one of my favourite photographers and a friend of mine ever since I discovered her on Instagram. She and I had agreed upon collaborating our creative minds together to do a conceptual portrait of me styled in Victorian-era clothes and accessories with a little bit of modern twist. Thankfully, Issha and I had multiple creative people on board with this project including Alison Page, who's also Vancouver-based photographer, to design some floral bouquets, Jenn of Miss Vautour for hair and make-up as well as Rebecca of Closet Crows, Myriam Larocheof Eco-fashion week as well as Sofia of The Bitch Can Stitch for garments and accessories. I did modelling and styling for the shoot yesterday which went very well, so I can't wait to show you the results that Issha took! Stay tuned for the photos!



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