13 Dec 2014

[Styling] Winter Pastel Part. 1 Photographed by Taby Cheng
I had a pleasure photo shooting with a photographer, Taby Cheng, who I have been admiring for her unique perspective and ability of capturing moments, architectures and humans so minimally. It all started with Instagram, where we have been following each other quite sometime; I was always leaving some comments on her pictures with huge enthusiasm expressing how much I love her work. She recently took a trip to Asia, mainly to Hong Kong, Bangkok and Seoul; seeing her photographs from the trip made me not be able to resist enthusiastic comments. One day, I left a comment her on Instagram suggesting that we should grab a coffee. The funny thing is, though, she had sent me an email to say the same thing a half-and-hour prior to it. Life is funny, hey? Of all those 364 days we might have passed by, we picked one and only day with 30 minute interval to exchange the same thought to each other. So Taby and I met on a day that was miraculously sunny with blue sky, which is very rare in Vancouver winter, I knew we had to go for a shoot and she was so generously agreed upon my prompt idea. As below, there is a few shots from that day. I hope you enjoy my collaboration with Taby. Please do my favour to have a look at her amazingly gorgeous work, www.tabycheng.com. Thank you!



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