6 Oct 2014

[Trend] Normcore

Normcore: The act of deconstructing fashion by purposely dressing blank or dull. 
What once started as a post-ironic anti-fashion, "purposely uncool" trend by hipsters 
in an attempt to pull away from the subculture fashion that were becoming commercialized 
and popular, norm core is quickly becoming a legitimate fashion trend. Characterized by boxy,
unflattering jean jackets, oversized sweatshirts, gift shop baseball hats. - Urban Dictitionary

This is my take on Normcore which is the most obvious trend last summer and still going 
strong in the fall season... A black Nike sleeveless top over a white mesh zip-up jacket, 
distressed denim skirt, Kara backpack and vintage sunglasses with snow-white kicks. 



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