6 Jan 2014

[Event] Gastown Shop Hop 2013 Recap
Gastown Shop Hop is a bi-annual event that many boutiques and restaurants in Gastown join the force to provide a fun, entertaining yet enjoyable shopping/dining experience to its customers and tourists.  You can find a boutique shop with some Hors d'oeuvres and champagne or wine for you to enjoy while you shop during this event.  Most of participating boutique stores offer discounts that you don't want to walk away empty-handed. Furthermore, the event has been evolved even better as lots of restaurants joined to offer more to do after shopping.  Now Gastown Shop Hop is a well-known event that you can shop, eat and drink.  It is all about sharing the fun together in the community. 

A newly opened menswear boutique, Niftydo, was greeting customers with smile 
and freshly imported Makgeoile(tranditional Korean rice wine) from Seoul. 
Raw denim and leather canvas bags
Simply yet beautifully engraved leather bracelet
Ting from Freckle Magazine
Niftydo's co-owner, Don's tattoo of his dog that passed away a while ago but still remaining the beauty on his arm

Fun Party Skirts by Skot Apparel at Lynn Steven
Stunning graphics on Clover Canyon garments at Lynn Steven
The night's full-moon adds more romance to Gastown
Dinner at Sea Monstr Sushi

Shop, eat and enjoy!



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