30 Sept 2013

[Look Book] Spectator A/W 2013-14
Spectator is a menswear brand made by Korean fashion designer An Teok, whose idea behind it is all about creating home-grown, hand-crafted and high-quality products. He designs clothes, sources fabrics, photographs and blogs for his own collection, and has been very successfully engaging with its customers by doing so. When he asked for financial aids to his customers on the blog, there were hundreds of comments willing to invest on Spectator. Spectator is quite conservative; there is not much change in shapes or colours, however, its prototypes have been constantly developed and improved over seasons. One of the examples is that fair-isle button-up knit which used to be knitted by an old knitter in Korea. When she became unable to knit anymore due to health condition, he contacted a supplier in Canada and now it's sourced from Iceland and knitted in Canada with even better quality and fit. Spectator's A/W 13-14 is representing the good quality of its clothes and goods. If I were a man, I would've loved to wear head-to-toe in Spectator.




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