24 Jan 2013

[Instagram] Dreaming of Spring
Dear My Blog Readers: 

I would like to write this post by apologizing for having abandoned my blog for so long. It's been hectically busy these days to the point that I hadn't been able to keep up with it. As you perhaps know already, blogging is a time-consuming full-time job which you kind a have to prioritize it on top of everything. 

How have you been? I've been dreaming of warm and breezy spring lately. I purchased a couple of sunglasses which have no use for probably until the summer arrives here in Vancouver where is obnoxious for grossly grey winter that is longer than 6 months. Yet the wait will be worth it once I see beautifully crisp blue sky and start biking on the seawall.

I promise to blog more often, at least posting more than one per season. You can connect and stay tuned with me on Instagram which I tend to keep up with better. Find me at Instagram.com/beyunique. Much appreciated your visit all the time. 





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