17 Aug 2012

[Outfit] That 70s Style
When I studied Fashion Designs back in the university, I got to learn the history of fashion from the era of early civilizations to Millennium by each decade which made me fascinated and intrigued with distinctive stories and 
styles. 1970s was one of my favorite fashionable time period with a variety of wide-collared shirts, bell-bottom flares, midi- or maxi-skirts, towering platform heels and glamorous accessories that were inspired by disco music and hippies.
As a shopper living in the year of 2012, I'm always keen on the hunt for something more chic than cute. When I found this wide-legged jumpsuit from a vintage store, my eyes were captivated immediately with its 70s-inspired charm. Although I knew that it has to be taken off completely if I am in need of taking care of the "private business", the fact that it has easy-to-wear yet chic-and-coolness was pretty hard to resist. By styling a jumpsuit with a leather jacket, wide belt and/or platform heels, you can easily create 70's style just as even more edgier, modernized and rejuvenating.

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