21 Aug 2012

[Hot Spot] Le Marché St. George
I finally visited Le Marché St. George, one of the must-visit cafes on my list, after longing for a long time. In short, I loved it. It is filled with vintage furniture, great selection of domestic and international merchandises, affordable and reasonable menus, and most importantly, flavourful coffees and teas. There's nothing not to love about it. Seriously.

Le Marché St. George, which also made to the Top 5 Best Cafes complied by Monocle, has gained a lot of loving attention from neighbours and loyal clienteles since its launch as following to Klee I had spoken with who is one of the owners running the cafe with her sister. She told me that Le Marché St. George is supposed to be a "grocery store," as regarding the business licence. Which is why the initial plan to be a cafe with coffee, tea and pastry on menu had to be modified a little bit, yet, it just added even more unique flavour to the identity of Le Marché St. George as it is not just another coffee shop but it has local, cool artisan groceries including Noble Handcrafted's maple syrup and Jerky Baron's beef jerky. Overall, my experience at Le Marché St. George was very delightful and pleasant. It's lovely to have such a calming and relaxing lil' place around the neighbourhood. If you live or happen to be in Vancouver, make sure to check it out in 4393 St. George St. If not, click here to visit its website to see the gorgeous interior designs and delicious menus. 

All photos by BEYUNIQUE 



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