14 Jun 2012

[People] Yvan Rodic of Face Hunter visits Vancouver
There are countless amounts of fashion bloggers/photographers around the globe, but only a few of them are 
internationally well-known.  Yvan Rodic is one of the latter who is the man behind Face Hunter.  Face Hunter 
is not just another The Sartorialist but has found the right niche as covering stylish people from all over the world.  
Luckily today, I got to show him around Vancouver talking about fashion and impression of . N. America, Europe 
and Asia.  Unfortunately or inevitably, we hadn't been able to find a lot of stylish people in the meanwhile though.
I am looking forward to seeing his perspective of this city and hope he discovers many other fashionable 
people in Vancouver while he's in town.  Check out his websites: yvanrodic.com and facehunter.org

P.S. If you are in Vancouver and would like to see him in person, he is having his book signing 
at Secret Location on 1st Water Street in Gastown tomorrow from 1 to 3pm. Go say hi to him! 

All photos by BEYUNIQUE



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