17 Jun 2012

[Outfit] Pink Python
Jacket by MICH AA, Dress by Amanda Uprichard, Sunglasses by Ray-Ban, Shoes by Spring

I'm in love with this pink snakeskin dress that is very versatile and easy-to-wear as it can be worn from day to night.  The only thing to add for office look is an extra jacket or cardigan to put on top.  As a huge fan of animal prints such as zebra, leopard and python, the reason why I dig this dress more than any other dresses with animal prints I have is that I find it quite quirky yet funky because it is not so plain like animal-printed clothes that come with black or brown.  Clothes that are out of the box, creative and twisted in fun yet unexpected way always attract my attention so much more. 
Hairstyle for this shoot had a unique contrast as it's wavy on the front side and braided on the back. 
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