9 Jun 2012

[Look Book] Ora Bags S/S 2012

Ora bags is a handmade bag brand based out of Vancouver. Each bag is beautifully crafted
 and made by Randi Obenauer as combined with new leather and carefully selected vintage
 leather garments.  The shape of their signature bag "Sadie" that is seen above reminds me
 of Bok-jumoni from Korea that is believed to bring Bok which means happiness. Not only 
are there cute little pouches that you can also use as necklace, but also some handful 
amounts of things for guys including bike bags and wallets. The soft textures, 
high quality of materials, eco-friendly yet casual and cool attitude, it's all in Ora Bags. 

Check out this behind-the-scene video and Orabags.com!



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