19 Jun 2012

[Event] Car-free Day Vancouver 2012 on Main Street
June 17th, 2012, Vancouver celebrated eco-friendly Car-free Day on Main st, Commercial Dr., Kitslano and Westend area. I picked Main street to go see as it is the most convenient location by bike from home. Started with locking my cruiser on 10th, I peeked through some beautiful summery clothes at The Archetype, vintage shopping at Temple of the Modern Girl and yard sale collaborated with Starfish and Rose and other vintage clothes and accessories sellers.
Cute truck in front of a vintage shop Temple of the Modern Girl 
Making eye-contact with chicken
It was paaaaaaaaaacked!
Amazingly talented jewelry designer, Maddalena

 Fashion Deginer France wearing Maddalena's necklace
 Loved her leopard loafer!

The greatest thing of these kinds of festival is that it is a perfect opportunity to mingle with people. Since I was there by myself, I could freely hang around all the vendors that I wanted to see taking as much time as I want: mostly clothes and accessories that I wouldn't have been able to do the same with my Mr. Business Tripper. I met some inspiring people like Maddalena who is a Jewelry Designer from Florence. Her work was very unique, different and avant-garde. Also, I met a Nail Technician Denise of Deez Nails who I found through Instagram, and got my nails done. We decided to go a bit crazier than usual, thus, I've got all 5 different colours of neon plus leopard-print on top. And I couldn't be happier!

 Pre-made samples from Deez Nails
  A customer before me got this golden leopard on tangerine
Perfect beach shorts from Ruby Starling Denim
 Wooden glasses by Corvus
This is the best picture of the day! Seeing joy and happiness from all the people in this photo as a kid successfully made a bubble just makes me grin.  
 Love her side braid!
 Artists drawing and painting on Toms? What a brilliant idea!
 One for One
 Cute boutique 'Barefoot Contessa'
 It's not a festival without food trucks!
 One-of-a-kind stationary store 'The Regional Assembly of Text'
Vivid pink hair! So cool.
 Fancy some Takoyaki?
 Missing my significant other as seeing this stylish couple.
 Party at the rooftop!
 This photo reminds me of Stanley Cup Riot for some reason. 
Can't believe it's been a year already. Time flies, doesn't it?
 Pride parade(Not that they are homo-sexual. Umm, well, I am not sure actually)
 Walking into the crowds

 Although the weather wasn't very ideal as you can see, I had so much fun during the event. Vancouverites know how to host a festival. I wish I could check out other locations as well though. I will definitely check them out next year. Nice meeting everyone at the event! Let's stay in touch. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter: @BEYUNIQUE



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