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BEYUNIQUE is an ethos of life founded by Lucy Yun. Since she was very young, she has been non-stop searching her soul. Her never-ending journeys continued from personality tests to travelling throughout Europe, Asia, Oceania and North America. One thing was very clear- she always yearned to be herself; not to be swayed by mega trends, brainwashed by mass media, or influenced by celebrities. When she moved to Vancouver in 2010, she created BEYUNIQUE, which means to be YUN (herself) and to BE UNIQUE. A decade has flown by, BEYUNIQUE still stands as a place for Lucy's self-expressionism.


What Does She Do?


Delivering a concept-oriented look and feel by building a photo shoot team, providing art and creative direction and set design.


Specializing in branding, packaging design, stationery design, publication design, web design and UX/UI.


Providing on-brand social media strategies, creating visual contents and managing multiple social media platforms.


Generating aesthetically-pleasing visual messages designed to promote brands, goods, ideas and services.


Coordinating and balancing the right colours, silhouettes and shapes for person, prop and/or food styling.


Specializing in stylized editorials, conceptualized still life and candid photography that captures the moment.












Glyn Lewis

Owner, Kent Street Apparel

I hired Lucy to help me build profile for my up-start online apparel company (Kent Street Apparel). Lucy is incredibly talented and hard working. I greatly enjoyed our creative collaboration. Highly recommend!


Amelie Nguyen

Co-Founder, Anh and Chi

Lucy is fantastic to work with - she is a visionary who is full of creative ideas and a quick mind (and hands) to get the work done in a timely fashion! We loved her so much as our graphic designer on a project that offered her to work work with us in-house as a Creative and Marketing Lead. We would highly recommend Lucy for her gorgeous design sense, efficiency, and professionalism. Did I mention she is super fun and sweet too?! Thank you Lucy for bringing our creative projects to fruition.



[Outfit] Floral Garden

Rebecca Minkoff MAC Clutch, Top from Sirens, bracelets and shorts from Forever 21
 This week I didn't pick a theme of the look book from certain era in the past but got inspired by flowers. So went to a beautiful Chinese garden to shoot, however, there are not many flowers left in the garden any longer as it's passed the first day of summer officially. So I bought and added some artificial flowers to my look such as the hairpiece and shorts. Hype it if you like my look. Stay tuned for the next look that's inspired by 70's! Have a nice weekend! xo

[Collage] What to Wear on Canada Day

Canada Day is just around the corner! So I made this collage with things I would love to wear. Try to stay out of wearing a t-shirt with Canadian flag from souvenir stores yet be chic just as embracing the main theme of colours: Red and White. I'll probably wear a chiffon button-up blouse, asymmetric long skirt, platform heels, chain bracelet with leather clutch. What are you going to wear on Canada Day?

Top: Boho-sloths
Skirt: TopShop
Bracelet: Bexrox.com
Purse: Valextra
Shoes: Guiseppe Zanotti

[Editorial] Getaway Chic by Harper's Bazaar Korea June 2011

Model: Soyoung Kang
Photographer: Bolee

This editorial spreads on June 2011 of Harper's Bazaar Korea is super-chic which makes me desire a getaway to 
somewhere so badly. Actually, I just got invited to go camping at a private park in Sunshine Coast, but still undecided. 
How are you going to spend this long weekend? Do you have any plans? If so, do share and make me jealous! :)

[Event] Car-free Day Vancouver 2012 on Main Street

June 17th, 2012, Vancouver celebrated eco-friendly Car-free Day on Main st, Commercial Dr., Kitslano and Westend area. I picked Main street to go see as it is the most convenient location by bike from home. Started with locking my cruiser on 10th, I peeked through some beautiful summery clothes at The Archetype, vintage shopping at Temple of the Modern Girl and yard sale collaborated with Starfish and Rose and other vintage clothes and accessories sellers.
Cute truck in front of a vintage shop Temple of the Modern Girl 
Making eye-contact with chicken
It was paaaaaaaaaacked!
Amazingly talented jewelry designer, Maddalena

 Fashion Deginer France wearing Maddalena's necklace
 Loved her leopard loafer!

The greatest thing of these kinds of festival is that it is a perfect opportunity to mingle with people. Since I was there by myself, I could freely hang around all the vendors that I wanted to see taking as much time as I want: mostly clothes and accessories that I wouldn't have been able to do the same with my Mr. Business Tripper. I met some inspiring people like Maddalena who is a Jewelry Designer from Florence. Her work was very unique, different and avant-garde. Also, I met a Nail Technician Denise of Deez Nails who I found through Instagram, and got my nails done. We decided to go a bit crazier than usual, thus, I've got all 5 different colours of neon plus leopard-print on top. And I couldn't be happier!

 Pre-made samples from Deez Nails
  A customer before me got this golden leopard on tangerine
Perfect beach shorts from Ruby Starling Denim
 Wooden glasses by Corvus
This is the best picture of the day! Seeing joy and happiness from all the people in this photo as a kid successfully made a bubble just makes me grin.  
 Love her side braid!
 Artists drawing and painting on Toms? What a brilliant idea!
 One for One
 Cute boutique 'Barefoot Contessa'
 It's not a festival without food trucks!
 One-of-a-kind stationary store 'The Regional Assembly of Text'
Vivid pink hair! So cool.
 Fancy some Takoyaki?
 Missing my significant other as seeing this stylish couple.
 Party at the rooftop!
 This photo reminds me of Stanley Cup Riot for some reason. 
Can't believe it's been a year already. Time flies, doesn't it?
 Pride parade(Not that they are homo-sexual. Umm, well, I am not sure actually)
 Walking into the crowds

 Although the weather wasn't very ideal as you can see, I had so much fun during the event. Vancouverites know how to host a festival. I wish I could check out other locations as well though. I will definitely check them out next year. Nice meeting everyone at the event! Let's stay in touch. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter: @BEYUNIQUE

[Outfit] Pink Python

Jacket by MICH AA, Dress by Amanda Uprichard, Sunglasses by Ray-Ban, Shoes by Spring

I'm in love with this pink snakeskin dress that is very versatile and easy-to-wear as it can be worn from day to night.  The only thing to add for office look is an extra jacket or cardigan to put on top.  As a huge fan of animal prints such as zebra, leopard and python, the reason why I dig this dress more than any other dresses with animal prints I have is that I find it quite quirky yet funky because it is not so plain like animal-printed clothes that come with black or brown.  Clothes that are out of the box, creative and twisted in fun yet unexpected way always attract my attention so much more. 
Hairstyle for this shoot had a unique contrast as it's wavy on the front side and braided on the back. 
Go on Lookbook.nu/beyunique and check out more looks! Big love and thanks to all of your hypes!

[People] Yvan Rodic of Face Hunter visits Vancouver

There are countless amounts of fashion bloggers/photographers around the globe, but only a few of them are 
internationally well-known.  Yvan Rodic is one of the latter who is the man behind Face Hunter.  Face Hunter 
is not just another The Sartorialist but has found the right niche as covering stylish people from all over the world.  
Luckily today, I got to show him around Vancouver talking about fashion and impression of . N. America, Europe 
and Asia.  Unfortunately or inevitably, we hadn't been able to find a lot of stylish people in the meanwhile though.
I am looking forward to seeing his perspective of this city and hope he discovers many other fashionable 
people in Vancouver while he's in town.  Check out his websites: yvanrodic.com and facehunter.org

P.S. If you are in Vancouver and would like to see him in person, he is having his book signing 
at Secret Location on 1st Water Street in Gastown tomorrow from 1 to 3pm. Go say hi to him! 

All photos by BEYUNIQUE

[Hip Spot] Musette Caffe

All photos by BEYUNIQUE

When I saw photos of Musette Caffe online, it immediately drew my attention to go visit in person. From bike-inspired theme to mint-coloured painted wall, everything looked so well put together as a whole. So my photographer and I decided to meet and shoot in front of the cafe one day. But unfortunately we ended up not being able to find it even with all the help of advanced technology of 3G, WiFi connection, iPhone 4G and Google maps. After wandering around Burnaby Street for about an hour, we decided to go somewhere else. I was quite bummed out as it seemed like a perfect spot for shooting my outfit themed by mint colour. So after wrapped up the shoot, I went to find the place by myself. And it turned out we were looking on the other side of the street. It was right behind the Toyota dealership on Burrard Street. I met the founder and owner of cafe, Thomas, and chatted with him shortly. He's an enthusiastic cyclist who had his hands on the every corner of the cafe. It's such a hip and cool local spot. Check it out on 1262 Burrard Street! 


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