20 Apr 2012

[Street Style] Timelessly Classic
While I was having my favorite coffee at Starbucks, Caramel Macchiato, there was a lady in stiletto heels caught my eyes. As you may know, Vancouverites are often seen as wearing very casual attires such as yoga pants or waterproof jackets. So when I saw this lady confidently wearing 4-inch high heels, I knew immediately that she works in fashion. I got my courage up and ask to take photos of her just before she walked out of Starbucks. And yes, it turned out that she's working in the fashion industry!

All photos by beYUNique

All of the items she was wearing from tweeted wool coat with leather sleeves, green-and-black stripe t-shirt, black cigarette pants, leather stiletto heels to Chanel bag makes her look timelessly classic, which added with a quirky touch of the geeky-yet-studious looking horn-rimmed glasses and crimson red lips. I'm very thankful to Gina for allowing me to take photos of her. I'm hoping to see more fashionistas like her in Vancouver! 



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