13 Apr 2012

[Shopping] A Real Vintage Shop: Starfish & Rose Collective

Last Wednesday I just walked in Starfish & Rose Collective which's a rad vintage store located in Gastown, Vancouver. As a vintage fan, I feel something cool about this store: the fact that it has a variety of vintage stuff from not only fashionable clothes and accessories, but also real-vintage furniture and even shells! Having all those vintage stuff well put together, it's probably one of those stores you don't want to miss when you shop or walk around Gastown. The owner Alicia, who brings all the funky and well-kept vintage clothes, is very down-to-earth, vintage-savvy and passionate. She and I had almost 2 hour-long conversation which was totally unexpected yet spontaneous with various range of topics from fashion, vintage, friends to culture! I found out more about the shop as well as that she sells her stuff on Etsy

I didn't bring my camera so took some photos with my phone but I'd love to share some of them!
Outdoor Signage

This Celine vintage pencil skirt was timelessly chic!

Vintage clutches

Trying on leather pants from Louis Vuitton

Real vintage furniture that weren't produced to look like one

Black Tip Shark!

Flower vases and ink jars

Starfish & Rose

Shells that make you indulge in reminiscence of the beach

Make sure to check out their Facebook page and visit their shop located in 419 Abbott Street! 

All Photos by beYUNique



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