17 Mar 2012

[Outfit] The Ides of March

Finally I took the action about what I've only thought of in my mind: 
Creating a look book team! Now I've got great talents donated and dedicated 
for this project. With the amazingly talented Photographer Darum Eum, 
the outcome couldn't look better. The photoshoot day chosen was very improvised 
just because of the weather which was coincidently on the ides of March

 All rings and bangles from Seoul, Rebecca Minkoff MAC Clutch

Leopard Fedora, Striped sleeveless top from Seoul

And also I've done hair consulting today with an wicked Hairstylist Shane! 
I'm probably going to get it dyed as blonde. I am not entirely sure if I would 
look good in blonde since I've never gotten it done on my hair.
It's a bit scary to be frank yet I love trying something new!
What do you think? Do you think I'd look good in blonde? :)

More stylish photos coming up soon!  So please keep visiting my blog "beYUNique". 
And don't forget to hype me or become a fan of my look book. Thank you so much! xx



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