24 Mar 2012

[Outfit] Fashionably Blonde
I have always been a sucker for dying my hair colour since I was really young. I remember I 
used to be so scared of getting caught of my hair colour changed to teachers in schools after 
breaks as they had very strict rules about students' appearance. In grade 12, my home 
teacher who was an extraordinarily hysterical lady gathered all of my classmates and 
stranded around them as catching what the gals(it was a female high-school) been up to 
during the break. Of course, she caught my lightly-brown hair with a little bit of curls. I 
insisted it's my natural hair colour and style but she didn't trust me, unfortunately. The 
result? I had to straighten and dye my hair black right the day after. 

Despite my teachers and schools's desperate policy to prevent anything that might distract
students from getting good grades at the university exam, I haven't stopped my hair dyed 
a variety of brown, black or even cherry-ish red colours. But I have never tried blonde. 
Which is why I was quite nervous in the morning of my hair appointment with the hair 
stylist, Shane who's not only an amazing hairdresser but also is very stylish. At Au Soleil
 in Gastown, where beautiful chandelier shining on the ceiling and brick-walls with antique
 mirrors that make you look prettier, he made the magic happen.

 Baroque-esque chandelier

Au Soleil Spa & Salon: 118 W. Hastings, Vancouver

Wearing Vintage fur jacket, H&M sheer button-up shirt, Bedo Belt 

What do you think? Do I look good in blonde? Or would you prefer me to stay in brown hair?



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