3 Dec 2010

Lily & Jae + One of a Few

Since I first heard of "Lily & Jae" pop-up store which's located in one of the finest boutique in Vancouver, One of a Few, I always have wanted to explore the store. So I headed to Gastown tonight without the address with me! (Thank god I have a good sense of direction.) At first, I got confused with Two of a Few, right next door from One of a Few. I didn't quite understand why they had to divide 2 stores with pretty much same styles of clothes. Without significant differentiation, wouldn't they compete to each other? Hmmm. 

I got to know Lily & Jae by a cute illustration from One of a Few's facebook fanpage.

Cute, isn't it? You can also see more adorable drawing work at http://lilyandjae.com

Actually the reason why I liked One of a Few's fanpage on Facebook was just because they carry "Eryn Brinie" which is a lovely and girlish clothing brand. But when I actually went to shop there, I couldn't see anything from Eryn Brinie I guess my focus was only "Lily & Jae" even though it was separated from other brands' clothes by located in 2nd level of pop-up space. But for fashion boutiques carrying different labels, I would like to suggest them to display or tag the brand names so that customers who are seeking for specific brand can find the brand they want more conveniently.

 Clothes are giving me more Autumn feel... Got that feeling from check patterns and grey-ish colors. 

Couldn't find anything I like from this section... Too boring color spectrum to me. 

I like the model photos on the wall. Even though clothes on the mannequin at the entrance made me doubt. That was one and only mannequin to show what the brand concept is about. Was it your best choice of all collection? Hmm... I don't think so. C'mon! You can do better than this!

Lily+Jae has many cute dresses with unique patterns that we can't find anywhere else but Lily+Jae which can create a concrete brand concept. Some dresses are made with sophisticated and delicate Silk. Yet, jackets and coats on the left rack are only provided in black color with too rough feeling in hand. It can be from the natural properties of Wool, but personally I would like to shovel my torso into a soft and silky shrug other than feel itchy. Especially when the winter is predicted to be the coldest ever.

Loved the lace-up boots! Didn't know they also have bra and undies! 

Taken outside of One of a Few... As I mentioned before, Lily+Jae's pop-up store is located in 2nd level of One of a Few, which means not "technically" on 2nd level, but more of a duplex of one level. I had to walk up to the stairs to see their clothes. That would be a huge inconvenience for normal customers who are not interested in the brand. Overall, it was not bad impression of the brand, yet some inconvenient issues were found. Hope they can have their own store in Vancouver so that get rid of all the potential complaints! Good luck Lily+Jae, xoxo. 



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