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[Interview] With Photographer Issha Marie

DESEESION Magazine is a concept magazine I created for art and creative directors, content creators, artisans and artists. It is designed for decision makers who are seeing, interpreting and expressing life and art through their own eyes. Upon conceptualizing the first issue to be still life theme, I interviewed my fellow artist and frequent collaborator, Issha Marie to pick her brain for her tips and struggles as a freelancer photographer. As below, I am sharing the entire interview with some of the photos from our past collaborations. To see the magazine design, click here.

LY (Lucy Yun). Tell us about who you are.

IM (Issha Marie). My name is Issha Marie. I am [currently] a Vancouver-based visual artist, and a fine art and commercial photographer, dealing mostly with food, high concept still life, and some fashion.

LY. As an artist, whose work do you admire?
IM. I look to many, many artists for my influences. My all-time favourite photographer is the late Francesca Woodman, whose mov…

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