[Travel] A Weekend Getaway with Lincoln Continental

I think I am sick. I cannot stop thinking about going somewhere. Somewhere faraway, somewhere I have never been. In Korean, we call it "Yeokmasal" which means you have a life with karma to travel. I've always known that I have Yeokmasal with me, but I didn't know to what degree. Recently, I quit my job which involved a lot of negative feelings. I was getting tired of the whole fashion industry, which sprouted from the consumerism, as well as the fact that it is the most polluting industry followed by oil industry. 

I didn't know what to do. I didn't know what I was passionate about anymore. I felt lost. It was one of those dark moments when I received an email from a local PR firm on behalf of Lincoln Canada, saying that they wanted to send me to New York, Miami, The Hampton or L.A. I quickly jumped on a call to learn more about the opportunity. Long story short, Lincoln Continental, the car they wanted me to use, wasn't available at the dates I proposed, so it ought to be a domestic trip. My significant and I chose Kelowna since I haven't been there. We picked up the car on one summery day in Burnaby and started our journey.

The car we picked up, Lincoln Continental, which in tinge of deep ocean blue with subtle glitters, was fully loaded with cool options like massage on car seats. While abusing(?) its function to the fullest, we arrived at our destination. The hotel we booked is The Private Royal Residence, which was located on a beautiful seawall in Kelowna. We were given a room right by the pond in front of the hotel. After quickly dropped off our suitcases, we were off to dinner.

Originally, we were booked at a local restaurant called Basil & Mint, but we decided to go to Raudz due to its location that was near by our hotel. This small restaurant recommended by my friend Kim actually ended up to be one of the BEST restaurants we have ever been; everything including the service, freshness of local ingredient, uniquely developed menu and its taste were all well-harmonized. Just like our favourite restaurant in Charleston, Husk, Raudz gave us such a pleasant and happy experience. 

We ordered Crab Cappuccino and Mussels with a freshly squeezed Blueberry Martini and Elderflower-infused cocktail to start. Crab Cappuccino was a crab bisque made in a cappuccino style mug with a little bit of milk foam on top. It was something we've never seen before and its taste was unforgettable. As for entree, we ordered Halibut and Rib-eye steak which both were presented and executed with perfection. We finished with Creme Brulee and Salted Caramel Crumble.

On the next day, we decided to go check out wineries in Kelowna. The first winery was Grey Monk, which was about 45 minutes away from our hotel. Initially, we thought of having lunch there but couldn't resist our hunger. After a quick bite at a local Mexican restaurant on the way, we arrived at Grey Monk Winery, which was located on a beautiful lakeside.

The 2nd stop was Mission Hill Winery. Because I booked a cheese and wine tour in advance, we were welcomed with beautifully pink-toned rose wine, and then introduced to the history of their massive facilities and their various kinds of wines. The coolest thing was their vintage wine cellar, which smelled like oak barrel and dirt. The tour finished off by having us try 3 different kinds of wine paired with 3 kinds of cheeses in a nicely decorated room at the wine shop.

Overall, we had a fantastic time in Kelowna; the drive was so scenic, the ride was so smooth, no stress was involved. I am very grateful that I was chosen to take a ride in the new Lincoln Continental and got to see Kelowna with my significant other. I'd like to thank Eva, Chantel and Jessica from Talk Shop Media for coordinating everything for the trip. - Lucy


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