[Event] #beyuniquerepresent Vol. 2 Worldwide Instameet 11 in Strathcona

As soon as Instagram announced the official dates for Worldwide Instameet, I knew I wanted to throw a fun, food-related and funky event for Instagrammers of Vancouver. I asked Chris Wong(@wongski) whom I had been trying to host a Ramen meet with to co-host Worldwide Instameet together. The answer was YES! So I started contacting a few Ramen places in and around downtown area and finally able to be gotten in touch with the owner of The Ramen Butcher, a newly opened Ramen restaurant in Chinatown. However, the brand-new restaurant was short-staffed and unable to accommodate us. That was the ah-ha moment as I saw the opportunity of hosting an open, welcoming, photo-walk based Instameet instead. 

Thus, I suggested to Chris to meet up in front of Pacific Central Station in the afternoon to make our way to Strathcona Village near Chinatown where is quite residential but got funky little shops, cute and colourful houses and (Insta)gram-able architectures. After deciding the neighbourhood, everything came into places quite smoothly. I've got three "Strathcona" candles to giveaway as courtesy of Vancouver Candle Co., also, delicious cookies for everyone, baked by the talented Amy(@constellationinspiration) while Chris was wandering around the 'hood to make the photo walk route. 

The day before the game day, the weather was so crappy like nobody would've wanted to take a step outside home. I crossed my fingers all day long to have a little bit "nicer" day. In the early morning of March 21st, the first thing I did when I got up was looking out the windows to check the weather. Thankfully, it wasn't as bad as the day before. I headed out to the Pacific Central Station feeling a bit nervous about its turnout. By 1:20pm, we had about 50 people showed up. Yay! We got all the people wearing a name tag with their name and Instagram handle, took a LOT of group-fies along the way, gave the candles away and continued on photo walking in the neighbourhood as getting to know each other. 

The first group-fie in front of Jimi Hendrix Shrine taken by BEYUNIQUE

Just before I shouted out to everyone to get lined up for the group-fie, taken by Amanda

 Beautiful inside out, Lynn(@heartedgirl_taken by Amanda

 These adorable duo, Daniel(@thedanielpham) and Byun(@bbyyuunn), came all the way from Seattle to join us! Taken by Amanda

 Signature houses of Strathcona Village on Gore Ave taken by Amanda

 Beautiful smile of Alana(@yvr80why, @yvreats) captured by Amanda

Fun, playful and pleasant to hang out with Vanessa(@vanessashakespearetaken by Amanda

 Such a fantastic model, Mariana(@oversharertaken by Amanda

 One of the highlights of the #strathconameet, Josh(@dopeitsjosh)'s smoke bomb action! Taken by Amanda

Portrait of me taken by Amanda

 Portrait of Yuri(@yurisdiarytaken by Amanda

 Before & After of Isabella(@roostervelt), Frank(@focal.essence), Alger(@rellowyar), Me(@beyunique) and Vanessa(@vanessashakespearetaken by Amanda

Very candid moment of Instameet captured by Amanda

The cutest couple, Mariana(@oversharer) and Bryce(@artofbryce) taken by Amanda

Love this picture of us lying down on the road taken by Adam(@adammckinnonofficial)

Adam(@adammckinnonofficial) who was courageous (or crazy) to go up on the traffic sign and took the picture above, adoring his lovely girlfriend Vanessa(@vanessashakespeare) captured by Amanda

Beautifully full-bloomed Cherry blossoms at Oppenheimer Park taken by Amanda 

Carlina(@cafesherethere) is back from her trip to Asia just right in time to join us! Shot by Amanda

Carlina's sister, Christina(@christinaakim) looks absolutely stunning! Taken by Amanda

I feel absolutely thankful to everyone who came and supported the event. Hope everyone had a good time. Special thanks to Chris Wong who took extra initiatives and organized the meet-up with me. For those of who couldn't make it to #strathconameet, stay connected via my Instagram(@beyunique) to be in the know for future events. I am looking forward to connecting with talented, inspiring, creative and artistic people out there in the near future! Xo, Lucy


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