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[Published] In Your Dreams

Since I've been on Instagram for a quite some time, I'd found myself nothing but bored with the app. I have to admit that it has been such a great tool for discovering and connecting with artistic, creative and inspiring people all over the world; however, I was at a place where I am neither as inspired nor connecting as much. All I was getting was sponsored advertisements supposed to be suited to my liking, accurately figured out by "carefully-curated" Instagram Algorithm. I also often find myself feeling discouraged by lesser amount of "likes," than before the app was bought by Facebook; I also kept on comparing and analyzing with other people's engagements who have been suggested by Instagram like my account. At one point, it seemed to have more negative than positive impact on my life. I had some time off of it, which was helpful temporarily, but that negativity was still there. 
One day, I circled back on thinking why I started using the app and wha…

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