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It's more than a year since I contributed something on my blog. So many things have happened in the last year or so. I took a gap year after quitting a job, travelled to Japan, and spent quality time with my best friends in Korea. By doing so, I was able to come back to Vancouver with fresh mind, positively charged and motivated self, ready to take on the next chapter. One thing I was clear about was that I no longer wanted to work in fashion industry. Having spent a decade in the industry was so toxic to me, since I had to work with a lot of catty, dramatic and jealous people who are full of themselves and their egos. I also sick and tired of all the consumeristic trends too. 
So I decided to move on and start looking around for other options. One option that jumped out and grabbed my attention was going to school to learn Graphic Design, which is something I've always yearned to learn but hesitated for some reason. I also looked into a Master's program; Masters of Digit…

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